Review: The Land Unknown

I loved this movie as a kid and it is a guilty pleasure as an adult. Yes, I love the actors in rubber dinosaur suits, the occasional wire, and the goofy 1950's dialogue. It is what it is and I like it.
The Land Unknown stars Jock Mahoney. Mahoney had a long career in film but I remember him best as a cowboy star. It makes me think of Doug McClure and the movie "The Land That Time Forgot". What is it about cowboys and dinosaurs?
At any rate, Mahoney, as Cmndr. Harold 'Hal' Roberts, finds himself stranded among dinosaurs and a beautiful woman. What could possibly go wrong?
The movie has that 1950's movie magic where our heroes never need a shave, the lady doesn't lose "all" of her blouse, and plants try to eat people ( suck it vegetarians ).

  1. Jock Mahoney, 
  2. Shirley Patterson, 
  3. William Reynolds

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