A week of Microsoft, Linux, gaming, and burning out

It's an overcast day in my little neck of the world. I can't complain about the temperature, it's mild. I have the windows and doors open and Peppy has been enjoying the freedom by running through the place and into the backyard barking. I'm sure that the neighbors enjoy Peppy's rather loud enthusiasm.
Microsoft has admitted that it made a mistake with it's treatment and procurement of user data (link). I guess that seeing is believing when it comes to Microsoft and I look forward to seeing this new "privacy dashboard"  Between you and me, I use Linux  (Manjaro) for almost everything except gaming.
As for gaming, I am slowly burning out on Guild Wars 2. I spent most of the fortune that I had accumulated for some gems ( an in-game currency) and bought an episode of the "Living World" portion of the game that I had missed. As it turns out, I didn't really miss much. To be honest, I think that it's time to look for another game --- such is life.
My Windows rig ...

Basically, I use Start10 ( for a more Windows 7 look ) and Stardock Fences ( for my shortcuts ) to organize my desktop.The Fences are set to auto roll-up. I still haven't moved all of my games into the Game fence. The wallpaper can be found here (link).
That's enough for today. Have a happy and safe MLK weekend for those of you in the States.

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